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First blog post! Skin Care :)

Since this is my first blog post I will start with the first step to achieving a flawless finish. And this is skincare!

With winter here it is essential to keep your skin hydrated and well looked after.

A must have product for winter is Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair serum. Use this daily with your bedtime routine and you will notice a difference within weeks! This product is fab for all ages with its anti aging benefits and ultimate hydration


Your lips are such a big focal point of your face so don’t forget about them! Try this fab product Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. This is an Australian super product made form a fruit it is fab for any super dry spots of skin, chapped lips, nails, cuticles or just for a fresh glossy finish to highlight your cheek bones on a no makeup makeup look! Give it a go and you’ll never look back. Most lip products are moisturizers or barriers this does both and has super healing qualities.






And finally your daily moisturizer.  Embryolisse lait creme concentre, this is a industry must have. It suits practically all skin types and really works! It gives instant hydration and amazing lasting power. Wear on its own, under your favorite foundation or mixed with a thick foundation to created a tinted moisturizer.




They are my three favorite must have products for perfect skin and winter hydration.There are soo many more out there I could talk about that I love but I have whittled it down to these three!


Hope this helps :)

Rebecca x

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